Icaraizinho - ClubVentos

Icaraizinho was discovered in 2006 through the discovery expedition organized by ClubVentos known as ClubVentos Beach search. If you want to know the full story about the discovery of this magical spot, with 13 of the best riders of the world, check out this website[> www.clubventosbeachsearch.com]. The place since then has evolved slowly, but keeping its charm and slow pace of life. Icaraizinho is a gorgeous palm tree filled bay, in contrast with the usual desert/dune views of other beaches of this area of Brazil.

The place continues to keep it's fishing village charm, but has developed some good quality but small and charming restaurants and hotels. It is faster to reach from Fortaleza airport then Jericoacoara. It is perfect for families, and for those who prefer a slower pace than a party place in their vacations.

That said, rest assured that you will not be bored at night. There is something for everyone. Several options of restaurants, bars, or to shake your booties in a Forró, (the local typical dance).

The wind blows with the same intensity of Jericoacoara: at the far west end of the bay, there is an electricity wind farm, ranked as the most productive wind farm of Brazil, in kW per windmill. so that speaks for itself about the wind statistics.