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Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
Our new beginning
Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
Wind, waves, nature
Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
Enjoy the best cuisine
Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
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Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
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Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
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Welcome to ClubVentos 2.0
Welcome to Jericoacoara

Clubventos Jericoacoara completely renovated...

Club ventos is proud to have completed it's latest renovations with a new center in Jericoacoara

designed to deliver the best vacations of your life.

Several features were implemented and improved for a better service to our clients:
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- Our Center is now closer to the beach level, eliminating the steps of the previous Center.

- The equipment storage is now completely sheltered from the sun, meaning better protection for sports equipment which is sensible to UV radiation.

- we have migrated to the fixed board rental system guaranteeing that you get the board you want: Your rental board has your name on it, and nobody touches it.

- Our beach club and food and beverages area has been upgraded with the widest and most comfortable lounging area for your after-surf moments. You can now book your sunbed and it will be yours for the day, even if you go sailing. And most of the sunbed fee is converted towards your restaurant bill. You can also enjoy our bar area and our air conditioned buffet restaurant.

- Above all, the new clubVentos Jericoacoara is beautiful! The most competent architects have been involved into designing a space that makes you feel welcome. Have a look at our new reception. It's a masterpiece of architecture. From the design of the space, to the training of the team, to the ingredients of the food, here we spare no resources towards providing you the best service.

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