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Ceará vs Brazil - Winds are blowing in our favor!

The situation in Ceará (state where our Clubs are located) is much different from the rest of Brazil.  Ceará had its peak in early June, and has since been on a consistent drop with no second wave, even with business activities gradually reopening since July.

Numbers are already very low and IHME forecasts (a division from the University of Washington, USA) shows a future trend of continued decrease to even lower levels in the upcoming months. The pattern is similar to many European countries where the pandemic has been controlled.

IHME graphs:

(The screenshots below are from September 10th. For the current data click on the links)


Ceará state graph:

covid ce


Shows a big constrast with the total country numbers of Brazil:

covid br


To know more:

For a deeper look into the local situation and insider information read our full article: