ClubVentos - Direct flights to Fortaleza are increasing, new airport Jeri

As infections numbers decrease and vaccination advances in Brazil, direct flights to Fortaleza are being gradually restored. And now you have an alternative to the usual 5 hours road transfer Fortaleza - Jeri. The Cruz/Jeri (JJD) airport is a quick 30 minutes transfer to Jeri. 

TAP is already flying 6x/week through Lisbon, and other airlines will be returning soon. TAP is the most used airline by our European customers, due to its dense network of connecting flights from Lisbon to several cities in Europe.

Direct flighs to FOR from Paris (Air France), Amsterdam (KLM), and Madrid (Air-Europa) will also return after September 2021.

But the other option you have now is to fly directly into Cruz/Jeri airport (JJD). While there are no international flights yet, it might make more sense for you to make a longer flight route, in order to avoid the long road transfer Fortaleza - Jericoacoara.

So the next time you search for flights, include the option JJD as destination. It might not only reduce your total travel time, but also save money