ClubVentos - COVID-19 PCR exams in Jeri

The physiotherapy clinic inside ClubVentos Jericoacoara, has teamed up with one of the largest labs in Fortaleza to provide PCR tests for departing guests without requiring them to go to Fortaleza. This service is available only for customers who booked their travel (hotel, transfer, sport services) with a partner tour operator or with clubventos

Exam material will be collected in her clinic 2 days before departure, and sent to the lab for processing. Exam result will be made available by the lab via internet before departure, in Portuguese (useful for Lisbon entry) and English. Guests interested in this service should request it upon arrival. This service is not available in Icaraizinho.

This service needs to be pre-booked on your arrival, so we can organize it for the days before your departure.

Some countries are requiring a recent Covid-19 PCR type exam done less than 72h before boarding the return flight. Read more at: PCR exams are the most accurate type of Covid-19 test. It is not a quick test bought in a drugstore. Instead it requires a (painless) collection of material from the nose with a special swab, which must be sent to a lab for processing.

Some countries also offer the option to make the PCR exam after arrival in your home country to interrupt or avoid quarantine. You should check the rules of your country at at the time of travel, because the rules are changing all the time. It is possible that if you are fully vaccinated, the exam is not required.