ClubVentos - Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho this winter: safety is high, prices are low!

The impact in the economy brought by the coronavirus pandemic has made Brazilian currency lose its value compared to the euro in the recent months, making the cost of everything in Brazil much cheaper for a European. The historical exchange rate of [1€ = 4.5 R$] has changed to [1€ = 6.5 R$], a valuation of 45%. It means that you can now stay 3 weeks in 2020 for the usual cost of 2 weeks in 2019. But that would mean nothing if it was not safe to travel. But the good news are: Jeri and Icaraizinho are now some of the safest places to be in the world.

And the most important: due the good management of the pandemic by the local state government, the local infection numbers are very low, with no sign of second wave coming.
So if you want to escape the second coronavirus wave, while ripping the empty waves in sunny Jericoacoara, or enjoying the tranquility and strong wind of Icaraizinho, book your vacation now. Flights are back, prices are low, and most important, the pandemic is under control in Ceará.