ClubVentos - Brazil is a quarantine-free destination for most travelers

As vaccination advances and infections drop in Brazil, most countries are changing or eliminating covid related restrictions for their citizens planning to go on vacation to Brazil. The list is growing every week, as the situation improves. See the list of open countries:

In some of the countries listed below, the quarantine exemption applies only to vaccinated individuals. In others it applies to everyone. Some countries still require a covid test for entry.

The list above is not complete, it is just some examples of countries where Jeri and Icaraizinho are popular, updated on 31 August 2021, many other countries are now listing Brazil as a safe destination, and are not requiring quarantine when returning home. Sometimes this will depend on your vaccination status. Please check with your country's government website for the latest update, and also if you need to get a Covid test before returning home.

Note that as of the date of writing this post(31 Aug 2021), Brazil continues to require a negative Covid RT-PCR test for entry, done less than 72h prior to boarding. Brazil has not yet implemented a different policy for vaccinated visitors.