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In Jericoacoara, there are two main wave spots. The waves in front of Clubventos are a long and easy to ride waves with sand bottom, perfect for learning and for longboards. In the best days that can get up to two meters. On the beach of Malhada east of the village, you find a fast left, is better for short boards. The wave season goes from November to June with the best waves happening from January to April.
Our surf instructors are residents with years of experience and understanding of how the local waves work. If you have never tried surfing and you are going to Jericoacoara it might be the perfect opportunity to learn one of the most rewarding sports for your body, mind and soul.


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Surfing Lesson
With instructor and all safety equipment included, the student will learn how to surf with a longboard, priority and etiquette rules in the water, safe fall, safe end of a wave descent, basic surfing techniques, paddling to the outside, piercing wave (duck diving), turtle, paddling to catch wave and standing up on the board, with a practice of the class on the sand of 20 to 30 min, the majority time practice will be into the water.

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