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So, you love watersports? Then you will love Jeri.

First because of the exceptional conditions: there is strong wind to play pretty much year-round with the strongest months being from July to January. Also, you have some nice waves rolling from November to June.

All under the beautiful sunny weather, Jeri is almost at the equator line.

On top of that, the vibrant cosmopolitan ambience of this small town, with cosy restaurants, charming hotels, streets of sand, and the cultural mix of residents, from local fisherman to people from all the continents.

Jericoacoara is a National Park, the contact with nature is very intense, mixing views of sand dunes, palm trees, lagoons, impressive rocky monuments. It's no wonder and that we have many guests which have been returning every year for more than a decade.

Relaxing on the beach


Caiprihina stand
Women Smiling
Eu Love Jeri
Jeri Street
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Fresh Fish


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