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Here you find the perfect setup for your dream windsurfing vacation, when you walk into the center you immediately feel you have arrived in paradise.
ClubVentos is spacious, stylish and in the perfect location on the beach, closest to the sailing area. From the beautiful garden where you and your family can lounge to our award-winning restaurant and all the amenities you can possibly think of, it is all here waiting for you! Our racks of the latest windsurfing equipment give so much choice when you go out to sail, and if you want a lesson our qualified instructors are always here to help. For anyone bringing their own equipment, we have plenty of space for storage.
All our activities follow ISO safety standards, and our professional team is waiting for you with a big smile! ClubVentos' center in Jericoacoara was named as the most luxurious windsurf center in the world by Windsurfing Journal Germany. We are honoured by this statement and work hard every day to live up to it.




Safety Wind
Safety is our priority

We are recognized for safety by our customers, infrastructure and professionalism about teaching waterports. All our instructors are certificated, and our lessons including all safety equipment, vests, helmets, life rafts, communication radios, support and rescue cars and a team of lifeguards. Our classes present the level of safety required internationally and for this reason, we assure you that in Clubventos your focus is only on adventure, and safety is on us!

Safety boats
Monitored Zone
Certified instructors
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