CLUBVENTOS watersports - Jericoacoara tourism fee

As of September 2017, all visitors to Jericoacoara must pay the tourist fee to visit the village.

The procedure, which is already becoming common practice in Brazil, determines that any tourist must pay R$5.00 for each day they stay in Jeri.

The money gathered from the tourism fee is intended to ensure the highest level of ecological and environmental conditions in the National Park, as well as investments in the structure of the area and in the town of Jericoacoara itself. Residents, disabled persons, local workers, persons over 60 and children under 12 years old are exempt from payment.

Payment can be made in two ways:


1 – Via Internet


To pay for the tax over the internet, you must access the website Prefeitura de Jijoca de Jericoacoara. Don't worry, there is an English version for anyone who does not know Portuguese. 


jericoacoara tourism fee 


After entering the homepage and choosing the language, click on the "Generate Fee" option. This is the second option on the left side menu.

ingles 02


You will be directed to a new page where you must fill in all the fields with your personal data as requested. Remember: as this form is individual, each traveller must fill out 1 form and pay 1 fee. After completing the fill, click "Confirm Data".

ingles 04


The page will generate a ticket for bank payment, and a voucher for proof. After paying the fee, keep the receipt with you and present it with the voucher at the time of your check-in at the hotel or hostel where you will be staying.


2 – On arrival to Jericoacoara


Those who do not collect the fee in advance through the website can pay it directly in the village, in one of two city office posts available at the two entrances to Jeri. Keep in mind that especially on busy days, you will have to wait your turn to pay.

Important Tips:

- Day visitors still need to pay the tourism fee. When filling in the form on the site, instead of entering the name of the hotel, choose the option "Visitor".

- If you decide to stay in the village longer than planned, you will need to generate a new fee for the extra days.

- When you finish your stay in the hotel, demand your Invoice. Remember: the costs of your stay includes the tax due to the Municipality